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Our Mission and Vision

The Santa Fe Seals is a Santa Fe based swim team dedicated to teaching anyone under 18 how to swim and love swimming. We help swimmers to achieve a level of technique to allow them to compete in the wonderful sport of competitive swimming if they wish to.

Santa Fe Seals Swim Team is a member of New Mexico Swimming which is under USA Swimming. As a member of USA Swimming, we follow the guidelines of the SafeSport program. We are committed to fostering a supportive, safe, and fun learning environment for everyone! We accept everyone, no matter their race,
gender, religion, sexual orientation, or level of swimming ability. We strive to have an inclusive space for anyone who wants to swim!


For more information about SafeSport and to report an concern please visit our SafeSport page on our website.

Our SafeSport Coordinator, Debra Kruhm is always there to help any athlete who has a SafeSport concern. Please contact her if you need help or if you have questions or concerns.

Debra Kruhm

Join The Santa Fe Seals Swim Team!

Participate in Swim Meets

This team is designed to develop competitive swimming skills in a fun and positive environment. If you are between the ages of 5 and 18 and have the desire to compete and improve your skills, come join the Santa Fe Seals!

Fun and supportive learning environment 
World Class Swim Coaches

The Santa Fe Seals Swim Team has a year- round, relaxed team environment, where you can learn swim skills, life skills, gain confidence and have fun!

Our Coaches have over 60 years of combined experience and are life long learners of swimming, swimming instruction and coaching They are up to date and even exceed expectations on all trainings and certifications.  

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