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Swim meets are swimming competitions where swimmers compete with other swimmers around New Mexico. A full list of swim meets in New Mexico is available Here, we do not attend all of these meets so contact Vivian for more information.

Swim Meet Organization

Swim meets are organized in Events, Heats, and Lanes. Events are the event that you are swimming. For example, 50 freestyle is a 50 yard freestyle swim. Most swimmers write it on their arms to help them remember their events.

A series of whistles and tones tell swimmers when to start. The first whistle signals to get ready, then there is one to get on the block/side to dive in, then someone announces to "Take your mark," and then a tone is played to say "Go!" Please ask Vivian or an older swimmer if you are confused or need help! We are more than happy to assist.

Swimmers events written on their arm. Event, Heat, Lane, Stroke
What to Bring

Pack your bag with your swim suit, swim cap, and goggles. A towel and change of clothes is recommended so you can be comfortable during the meet and on the ride home. Pack snacks! Bring some water and your drink of preference (chocolate milk, Gatorade, etc.), pack a sandwich or something you can eat after. Bring small snacks you can munch on between events (trail mix, fruit, cheese and crackers, cookies, etc.).

Before the Meet

The night before is a great day to eat pasta for dinner. Carbohydrates are great to eat the night before your meet, pasta and chicken (or some form of protein) is a great option! Additionally, make sure to get a lot of sleep! Most swim meets start pretty early in the day so sleep is VERY important! Go to bed earlier than you normally would and try to get about 10 hours of sleep. Eat some breakfast and listen to your favorite songs to boost your confidence! You got this!

During the Meet

We encourage everyone to participate, even if you are not swimming please cheer on your team mates! The encouragement really helps! It is normal to be nervous but you got this! Try your best, have fun, and try to beat your old times. That is all that matters.

After the Meet

Check in with Vivian about how you did and what you can improve on. Eat some food, convince your parents to buy you a sweet treat (ice cream is a great option!), get some sleep and rest. You did great, you can always improve and work hard so the next meet is even better!

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